Download Kingroot APK and Root Androids

Download Kingroot APK and Root Androids

Understand, any manufacturers can’t produce products as convenient for all users. It means that products are based on average users desired. Android Rooting is the only and one of the best options to gain a number of features on any smart Devices correctly.After Android rooting,Kingroot will automatically install a Kinguser which this manner grants access to the Android system folder to change appearances easily.You can  change the system font, unlock Bootloader or install custom recovery are the added advantages of rooting an Android smart device. Keeping in mind the updated form, download Kingroot APK. This is the best root tool for Android that is compatible with any type of Android devices and firmware versions as well. Kingroot APK offers the root of your tablet PC smartphone with a single click. A backup is not a requirement because this application is not blocked in the storage of your device. In some cases, this application does not respond to a few devices. Therefore, you can use the Windows Kingroot compatible application to make changes.

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How to Download Kingroot APK

The officially launched Kingroot is available for download on the website. You can download both APK and Windows applications in the mentioned section. If you are looking for a download of Kingroot APK, we thank you for the mark “Unknown sources” before starting this procedure. If it is going to be installed on the PC, it will be installed in the latest version of the USB driver software of the device to explore more features. Note that the device is completed after completing the root every time. Do not get nervous, the possibilities of uprooting with a single click are mounted with Kingroot. So you can re-unroot in any case of future claim guarantee.

How to Root with Kingroot

if you need a video explanation when you can visit to this link here.

Don’t forget to get complete backup of all personal files stored in your device storage.

Don’t forget to enable unknown sources from the settings.

Download Kingroot APK or the Windows-compatible file.

After you have downloaded kingRoot on your Windows computer, now,install the latest version of device USB drivers.

Then enable “USB Debugging” and connect the device to the computer.

Now,you can click on “Root” button and wait a minute. This is the only input you have to enter the application.

It will notify you at the end of the process.

After rooting process you can check root status using a root checker app.Root Checker is free App can be found and install from Google play store as free of charge.

Wrapping Up

This is the only application that is compatible with a variety of Android devices and Android firmware versions as well. The easy functions of rooting and uprooting of the tool take the application to the top, among other rooting applications. This is the holder of the highest success rate for a long time. Therefore, download Kingroot APK for free from the mentioned website to take advantage of the advantages.

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Latest Android phones 2018


Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

 Release date: March 2018

Weight           :189g

Dimensions  : 158.1 x 73.8 x 8.5mm

OS                    : Android 8

Screen size    : 6.2-inch

Resolution     : 1440 x 2960

CPU                  : Snapdragon 845

RAM                : 6GB

Storage            : 64GB/128GB

Battery            : 3,500mAh

Rear camera  : Dual 12MP

Front camera : 8MP


This phone is one of the excellent more expensive Android phones. It has super low light cameras. Battery is very durable. You can use it long duration. After Release this Android phone to the market, Samsung came to top of the best Android phone producer in the world.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is an incredible, in valuable design and it has amazing display. Great power packed into the phone.

Everything that has made Samsung phones excellent in recent years has been included in this 6.2-inch device, which is also almost useless, and comes with high-end hardware and easy-to-use Android software.

Samsung phone include a dual camera. From that it can use high quality low light photography. Other special options are better located fingerprint scanner and 960fps slow motion video recording.

KingRoot APK | Install , Download and guidelines For Kingroot App – Latest Version


App Name Kingroot APK
Version 57.0
File size 12.62MB
Developer kingroot studio
Downloads 822,004,407
Signature (MD5) 191240fcb048127db9110d1b30537fde
Date 05.18.18
Language English
Download Free

Download Kingroot APK here

About Kingroot APK

When it comes to Android devices, Rooting is a process that unlocks the device for a specific user. Technically, Rooting is a process that allows users to access the root directory of a computer (or smartphone). Kingroot is a popular application for Android that allows users to root their Android devices for free. Kingroot is not only a free application, it is also very easy to use. All you need is an Android device (smart phone or tablet) and Kingroot APK downloaded on your device and you’re done. Once a device has been rooted, the user becomes a Superuser and gains privileged access. Download Kingroot APK free online today. The best part of this application is that you can download Kingroot APK for Android, PC and Mac.

Once an Android device has been rooted (with the Kingroot application), users can make all kinds of settings and many interesting things with it. With Kingroot, users can root their Android device with just a few taps on the screen. It is 100% secure and users can also uproot their devices later. Yes, rooting is insecure and irreversible when done with other third-party flash programs. But, with Kingroot, rooting is much easier and completely safe. Not only that, the Kingroot application is compatible with a variety of Android smartphone (and tablet) models. Therefore, download the Kingroot application online for free.

With a rooted Android device, adjustments and customizations can be made easily. Users can overclock the processor, overclock the GPU, exchange internal and external storage devices, unlock the CPU and do thousands of other cool things with it. The procedure of normal rooting (trivial) is –

  • Downloading the required rooting software on a computer.
  • Installing this software.
  • Downloading the necessary boot-loader files along with other necessary softwares and ROMs.
  • Downloading a flashing software.
  • Booting up your device into Recovery Mode. (After making sure that the ROM is present on its storage memory).
  • Creating a backup of the entire system.
  • Flashing the device in just the perfect time so that it does not crash.

There are so many complex rooting processors. Therefore, this is the easiest way. As you can see, there are many complex processes involved, all this can only be reduced with the help of Kingroot. Download Kingroot APK free online today.

When it comes to Android devices, Rooting is a process that unlocks the device for a specific user. Technically, Rooting is a process that allows users to access the root directory of a computer (or smartphone). Kingroot is a popular application for Android that allows users to root their Android devices for free. Kingroot is not only a free application, it is also very easy to use. All you need is an Android device (smart phone or tablet) and Kingroot APK downloaded on your device and you’re done. Once a device has been rooted, the user becomes a superuser and gets privileged access. Download Kingroot APK for free online today. The best part of this application is that you can download Kingroot APK for Android, PC and Mac.

Once an Android device has been rooted (with the Kingroot application), users can perform all kinds of configurations and many interesting things with it. With Kingroot, users can root their Android device with just a few taps on the screen. It is 100% secure and users can also organize their devices later. Yes, rooting is insecure and irreversible when done with other third-party flash programs. But, with Kingroot, rooting is much easier and completely safe. Not only that, the Kingroot application is compatible with a variety of Android smartphone (and tablet) models. Therefore, download the Kingroot application online for free.

With an Android device, adjustments and customization can be made easily. Users can overclock the processor, overclock the GPU, exchange internal and external storage devices, unlock the CPU and do miles of other cool things with it. The procedure of normal rooting (trivial) is –

More about Kingroot

As the name suggests, Kingroot is a unique application for Android devices that allows you to root your devices easily. Rooting with Kingroot is as easy as a few touches. Almost all Android devices are compatible with this application and it is also completely safe to use. Other applications and third-party software can use their smartphones / tablets, but Kingroot guarantees complete security and is free from discrepancies. HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, OnePlus, Oppo and Samsung are some of the popular brands that this application supports. People who have devices of other brands should not worry because Kingroot works with almost all Android devices. Download the Kingroot application online for free.

It is completely safe to use an application that works as long as you have a device with Android 4.0.1 or higher. In addition, it does not contain viruses or other malicious elements, so you should not worry about your smartphone or tablet. With millions of downloads on Android. Since it is a community developed by a third-party application, it has strong community support and updates are regular. As mentioned above, KingRoot is absolutely safe from viruses and users support it. It is a great application for Android devices for free. It is not necessary to reuse any other computer-based rooting software when you have Kingroot. Download Kingroot online for free today.

What is Kingroot APK?…….

It is not absolutely necessary to download or use any other external software with KingRoot. Simply download and install the King Root. All I have to do is open the KingRoot application and it will automatically detect the model and the manufacturer of your device. It is then downloaded to download all the necessary firmware and ROM items (if necessary). After that, look for information on whether you want to continue the rooting process. Once you play well, KingRoot with the rooting process. Rooting your device with Kingroot is very easy and it does not matter if you have a simple dual-core device. Kingroot works absolutely well even on single-core devices. All you need is a large amount of storage space and you’re ready to start.

How to use KingRoot?

Rooting is a process for Android devices (smartphones and tablets) that gives users privileged access to all root sectors. The user is known as Superuser and there are many benefits of rooting. The user gets access to all services. There are a thousand benefits of rooting an Android device. Other people use insecure (and complex) software such as Odin and Shell, but smart users should always use Kingroot. Therefore, download the King Root application online for free today.

What is rooting?

In terms of mobile computing, rooting is a process in which the end user gets all root user access. With this root access, the user becomes SuperUser. This superuser gets all privileged rights for an Android system and those with rooted devices can easily access all root directories. When a user gains access to the root directory, he can make many adjustments and other customizations. There are so many applications that help root, but the best of all is Kingroot. It is recommended by millions of users and even includes a daily count of around 1 million.

Many people have this question: is it safe to root? Well, it’s safe only when it’s done safely and correctly. What is the current version of the ROM on the device with a patched version? This patched version has access to Superuser which, when displayed, grants the user all privileges. People root their Android devices to overcome difficulties and other problems. These problems include: defective hardware, network reception error and some other problems. To overcome this, rooting is done. There are special applications and games that require rooted Android devices to run. Once the device has been rooted, users can run all applications / games without itching. Download the Kingroot application online for free.

Advantages of Rooting….

Once a device has been rooted, users can add or remove the current operating system and replace it with an updated version of it. YouTube is full of tutorials that support and promote the rooting of Android devices. Speaking of applications, there are more than 100 million applications that are unique to rooted devices. Therefore, if you want to try these wonderful applications, download KingRoot. With Kingroot, you can root your device easily and without any problem. Once you have rooted your device, you can modify its form. Just as Android has rooting, the Apple device has jailbreak. Many will argue that it is a similar process, but there are some differences.

Disadvantages of rooting

Once a device has been rooted, all applications / games have access to Superuser. Due to this access, they can be hacked and adjusted according to their will. Users can also install or delete files from the system once their device has been rooted. All applications that run on Android have an administrative permission (known as SuperUser permission). Once a device has been rooted, this permission can be set manually. Therefore, rooting allows all these applications to run according to the way users want them to run. Users can also download third-party applications / games very easily on rooted devices. Therefore, the use of applications such as Framaroot, Root Master and Kingroot is highly recommended and these applications should be useful to easily root Android devices. Download all these great free online applications today.

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Kingroot application features

There are over one hundred wonderful features of Kingroot. All these features make it stand out and take pride in the set of applications / rooting software. First of all, it is a small-sized application and its processor and battery are also very low. It is very easy to download and the part of the installation (lateral loading) is also very easy to perform. Many technology websites have been declared Kingroot as the best all-in-one rooting application for Android. The rooting is safe, easy and even reversible with the help of this application. Therefore, if you want to get more information about it, you can download Kingroot APK for Android today.

Some of the key features of the KingRoot app are-

  • User-friendly app – The interface of Kingroot App is very user-friendly and because of this, this app is very easy to be understood. Even those Android users who have never tried rooting before can root their Android devices (tablets or smartphones) with ease. There is no bloatware in this app and this makes it run smoothly and without crashes. All you need is mere 10 MB of storage space to run this wonderful app. Download it today for free.
  • Rooting Made Easier – Rooting is very easy with Kingroot. It does not require users to connect to other external devices like computers and laptops. The trivial method of rooting involves a direct connection to the smartphone/tablet to a computer terminal. But, with Kingroot, there is no need to do that. There is also no need to spend hours of time in preparing for the rooting process. There is no need to download ADB drives and other rooting software like Odin. All you have to do is to simply download and install this app on your Android device and run it. It does the rest very easily and smoothly. Download Kingroot app online for free today.
  • Rooting is not Permanent – Unlike the rooting that is performed with computers that violate the device warranty, rooting your device with the King Root app does not violate the warranty of the Android device. In fact, just like the rooting process is simple, unrooting the device is equally simple as well. You can keep your device rooted for as long as your desire. Although, you can easily unroot it any time.
  • Supports both, Rooted and Non-Rooted Devices – If you have a non-rooted device then Kingroot app makes sure that it gets rooted easily and in no time. Suppose that you already own a rooted device; in that case, the Kingroot app opens up a number of add-on options. These options are designed to keep your rooted device running flawlessly and without issues.
  • Safe to use app – Kingroot is absolutely safe to use app. There are no viruses or other harmful items present in Kingroot APK. It gets installed in no time and once it gets installed, it runs flawlessly. Thus, all you have to do is to download KingRoot APK and install it on your Android device.
  • KingRoot is good for your device’s processor. As already mentioned above, KingRoot APK makes sure that your device works perfectly and does not have that your smartphone / tablet is redrafted. Not only is it smooth with hardware, it also ensures that your operating system runs smoothly. Many Android applications cause smartphones and tablets to be delayed, but this is not the case with King Root. With KingRoot installed on your device, there are no more unexpected crashes or delays.
  • Battery and RAM amplifier: yes, there is also a battery booster and RAM amplifier included in KingRoot. With it, your device will work without problems and without any problem. Increasing the battery pressure ensures that your smartphone / tablet does not consume any additional battery to reduce the performance of the CPU (when it is not necessary). The RAM amplifier erases all unnecessary background processes (or applications) that can hinder its performance. Therefore, King Root is not simply an application of rooting; It is a complete package of applications in itself.
  • It takes care of all the unnecessary elements: KingRoot is not simply a third party rooting application, it is much more than that. It handles all unnecessary files, thumbnails, folders and even unnecessary applications. What KingRoot does is that it cleans your system and removes all the garbage is not important for your device to run smoothly and without problems. Therefore, this application is not only a simple rooting application, but it is much more than that.
  • Unrooting Made Easier – With KingRoot apk, you can also easily unroot your device. Yes, this is one of its features that is appreciated by millions of users. As it is said, the root of the guarantee of a device, which is true up to a certain point. If you are connected to your Android device with external software such as Odin or NetCH, there is no risk of your device losing its warranty. That type of guarantee is irreversible, but with KingRoot, you can easily unroot your rooted device. For example, if you already have a rooted device, you can unroot it with just a few taps with this application.
  • Install applications more easily: once your device has been rooted, install and uninstall easily system applications such as: camera, contacts, calendar and much more. This is a feature that is not compatible with non-rooted devices. It is free of viruses and other harmful elements such as malware and other things. It also provided an increase in speed to your device. This increase in speed is necessary for the proper functioning and correct functioning of your Android device.
  • Download this free application today – the King Root app for you, download the KingRoot APK file for Android online for free. Download and install this application now if you want to root or unroot your device easily. The processes involved are simple and the application applies perfectly.

Kingroot  APK for Android

Kingroot is one of the best rooting apps for Android. It was launched a few years ago as a standalone application that allows users to root their devices without any extensive knowledge of the Android platform. Everything you need to download Kingroot APK and install it on your device, and it will be ready. KingRoot APK has most of the work for itself and all you are supposed to do is play ‘Root’ and wait. Kingroot has support for many Android devices and brands. Automatically download the firmware for all those applications. Download Kingroot APK free online today.

Varies Types of Huge Android Rooting Tools For Android

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It is absolutely safe to use an application that works perfectly and without problems. This application does not require a fast Internet connection or a super fast device to run. All you need is a simple dual-core device or just a core with less than 1 GB of RAM. Storage space is not a big concern and an application of very small size. As mentioned above, this application is compatible with many devices and models. In fact, it is not necessary to use other applications and external software with this. KingRoot is an independent rooting application that performs all the rooting work for you. It is not necessary to download any flashing or rooting application, nor is there a need to download ROMs or other firmware. Download KingRoot APK for free online today.

Talking about compatibility, this app runs fine as long as there is Android version 4.0.1 or above on your device. Apart from that, there should be some storage space available as well, along with a decent internet connection. What this app does is that it downloads the Boot-loader files for a particular OS and then installs it on your device. Since there is no hard-flashing involved, unrooting is very easy with Kingroot. Unrooting is a process where the Android system files are reallocated and rewritten on the memory. This removes all the rooted (patched) files and this, the device becomes clean, and (in many cases), the warranty returns.

Just like normal rooting process, the rooting done with the help of Kingroot is quite similar to that. The only thing difference between normal rooting and software-enabled rooting is that – the former requires extensive knowledge of rooting, while the latter does not. The latter method is also sometimes referred to as the ‘naïve’ method of rooting. It can be performed by anybody who has the basic knowledge about Android devices. There is also no need to connect your device to an external computer or laptop. All you have to do is to download KingRoot APK online and install it on your device. Once it gets installed, you can easily root your Android device with ease. So, if you wish to try out KingRoot APK for yourself, download KingRoot online for free, today.

How to Download Kingroot APK?

The process to install Kingroot APK on Android smartphones and tablets is referred to as – side-loading. Side-loading differs from the kind of installation process that involves Google Play Store. In case of Google Play Store, there is no need to perform side-loading. Sideloading is a process in which third-party apps and games can be installed on Android and iOS devices. Side-loading is slightly different from the trivial methods of app installation. In Play Store, all you have to do is simply search for the app/game and tap on install and the installation/downloading gets completed. In case of side-loading, users are supposed to manually download the APK file and then install it manually. First of all, you are supposed to download Kingo Root APK online for free.

How to Install Kingroot APK

After that, do the following steps-

  • On your Android device, go to Settings > Go to Security Settings > Enable Installation from Unknown Sources. You are supposed to do that because side-loading is a third-party app installation method.
  • After that, using a file manager, search for the Kingroot APK file and tap on it to install. The installation will commence in no time.
  • After the installation gets completed, you can run it easily.

Kingroot for PC (Windows/Mac)

Each and every app that runs on Android can also run on Windows and Mac devices. In order to use all those apps on Windows/Mac, you are supposed to download an Android emulator software. Emulators are used for emulating an artificial runtime environment that makes it possible for supported apps to run on it. A popular Android emulator software is BlueStacks App Player. Although users cannot practically ‘root’ Android emulators, they can still enjoy using this app with all the root-enabled features. To download BlueStacks App Player.

Just like Kingroot for Android, the Windows/Mac version of it has got tons of features. Although users will not be able to root their BlueStacks App Player with that (since it is already patched), they can still use all the root features that it has. The detailed list of the features of KingRoot has already been listed and it is no exception that is the app is nothing less than great. No wonder it has been downloaded more than 100 million times on Android alone. Apart from that, the daily user count exceeds over a million users per day. To find out more about it, you can download KingRoot APK online for free.

Download Kingroot Desktop Version

Just like its Android sibling, the BlueStacks App Player version of the app is equally powerful. It is loaded with features and there are so many pros of using KingRoot app. First of all, KingRoot is absolutely free from viruses and other harmful agents. Because of that, it works flawlessly and without issues, on each of the devices, it is made to run on. The installation of KingRoot is very easy to be performed and once installed, this app runs like hot-knife through butter. That mentioned, a lot of people often ask that is it free from viruses? Yes, KingRoot is completely free from viruses and because of this, it is absolutely safe to use it.

There are over a ton features of KingRoot APK that will make your in-app experience worthwhile. Always remember that there are a lot of impostor apps out there, but the genuine version of this app can be downloaded online from here. This version is safe to use and it will not even compromise with your device’s security. Also, there is no need to enter any personal information in this app like – owner’s name, address, mobile number, email and credit card information. There is no need to register on the app in order to use it. Simply download KingoRoot APK online and install it on your Windows/Mac device using the BlueStacks App Player.

How to Install Kingroot For PC

To download and install the BlueStacks App Player –

  • Go to and download the BlueStacks App Player for your device (depending upon whether you have a Windows device or a Mac device).
  • After that, you have to install it. It may take some time to install.
  • Once it gets installed, it takes around a minute or two to load. After that, you are free to use this app.

To install Kingroot APK –

  • Download Kingroot APK file online.
  • Open BlueStacks App Player from its shortcut on the desktop.
  • Go to install and find the APK file. Load it onto the BlueStacks App Player and the installation will commence.

Alternatively –

  • You can drag and drop KingRoot APK file onto the BlueStacks App Player’s home-screen. KingRoot APK will get installed like that as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about KingRoot (FAQs)

Is Kingroot APK safe file?

Yes, the KingRoot APK file is 100% safe to download (and install). There are no viruses or other harmful elements in this file.

Can I run Kingroot on iOS?

No, KingRoot is a rooting application that is unique to the Android operating system. Devices that are not based on Android will not be able to run this application.

Does this application slow down the devices?

No way. KingRoot APK is a very small application that does not require a turbo device to run. Even if you have a single-core device, it will work perfectly fine.

Will it work on my Android tablet?

Yes absolutely. The Kingroot application is compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets (as long as you have Android version 4.0.1 or higher).

I have nothing of rooting. Is it still safe to use this application?

KingRoot has been developed especially for those people who do not have any knowledge about rooting. Since rooting is a complex process and not everyone is able to do it safely, KingRoot APK makes it very easy for all Android users. With the Kingroot application installed on your device, you can root (as well as easily unroot) your Android device. Download this great rooting application today for free.

How to root Android: the complete guide you have found

In this article, we will provide you with a general description of how to root Android devices, the tools that help you and the difficulties you have for the devices of each manufacturer. The steps for the passage of each device, the address of the correct place to find them. Let’s start with your rooting trip!

Before discussing how to root, it is important to ask if you want to root your Android device. This is a question that only you can answer, but we have an article to help you better understand its roots and its advantages and disadvantages. It is also important to know that you may lose your phone’s warranty. Here are some general rules and guidelines for your Android devices.

Preparing to root your smartphone

There is not a single process to root that works on all the thousands of Android devices that exist. The process depends a lot on the manufacturer, and even then, it varies from one device to another. That makes it basically impossible to give exact instructions, step by step, for each smartphone. That said, XDA Developers has instructions available for a fairly complete list of devices. That’s where you should go in particular for the precise steps of your phone, but first, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with how rooting works in general before jumping to the heart of the matter.

Major Steps  involved Android Rooting:

  1. Unlocking the bootloader
  2. Flashing a new recovery
  3. Flashing a file which will give you root access to your device

The boot loader is the first piece of software that starts on your smartphone when you turn it on, and is responsible for booting your operating system and recovering the system. To know how to unlock your device’s bootloader, simply perform a quick Google search and find a way to do it without major problems for the most popular smartphones.

After you have unlocked the boot loader, you will need a new custom recovery to replace the previous system recovery with, for example, TWRP. To replace it, you should familiarize yourself with the ADB and Fastboot commands. Custom recoveries are to install or update, customized software on your smartphone. By using a custom recovery, you can then flash a SuperSU or Magisk file, which will give you access to the root, among other functions, such as executing commands and backing up. Once your phone is rooted, the fun begins and you can do things like install a custom ROM, remove the blocking software and use applications that require root access.

One-click rooting tools

If the idea of ​​connecting your Android to your PC and putting a lot of commands on a command line is just beyond your comfort zone, there are a number of tools that can streamline the process. Instead of manually rooting your device, you can try one-click tools such as KingoRoot, KingRoot, OneClickRoot and more

Although you’ll want to be careful with this. The compatibility depends on the manufacturer, the device you have and the version of Android that you are running. So, even if the application claims to be compatible with your phone, it may not be compatible if your device is fully up to date. If the program is based on exploits to root your device, it is possible that they have been patched, so the tool will not work. In addition, these applications often install bloatware in the form of cleaning utilities on your device, voiding the purpose of rooting for some people. It is probably best to also manually erase the security concerns associated with these applications.

How do I root my smartphone?

Since the rooting process tends to vary among manufacturers, here are some general guidelines and tips for rooting smartphones from all popular brands. This will give you an idea of ​​what you should look for while you root. But, to obtain complete instructions for specific device, we recommend to resort to the constant rooting resources updated of the XDA developers.

  • Samsung
  • Google
  • HTC
  • Huawei/Honor
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • Sony

How to root Samsung devices

When it comes to rooting Samsung smartphones, it’s worth bearing in mind that these devices have flash counters that record how many times the firmware has been tampered with. This means that if you scratch your Galaxy device and show something on it and then have to return it for repair, Samsung could reject your claim due to modifications that are not covered by the warranty. Samsung no longer offers editions for developers of their smart phones, and the EE models. UU Their latest flagship products are notoriously difficult to decipher (probably have something to do with the influence of the operator), while international versions tend to be much easier.

If you are trying to root a Samsung smartphone, you should be familiar with two small words unique to Samsung: Odin and Knox. Odin is the flashing tool you’ll need to save files on your smartphone from your PC (for Mac, it’s called Heimdall), in addition to USB drivers, of course. Knox, for business security, ships with many Samsung smartphones and is designed to allow users to compartmentalize their personal and work profiles so they do not have to carry two phones. These security features can pose difficulties at the root, so you should find solutions if it is enabled in your Device


root s5
It’s easy to root a Samsung Galaxy phone with Odin. / © AndroidPIT

How to root Google devices

Google is in the business of helping developers and enthusiasts do what they want. So, you don’t have to request an unlock code for a Nexus or Pixel bootloader, the rooting process is straightforward and there are factory images available for all of Google’s devices in case you brick them. That being said, unlocking the bootloader may void your warranty.

AndroidPIT Nexus 6 TWRP install

How to root HTC devices

HTC officially supports unlocking the boot manager and provides information to do so on its website and transparent warranty policies. You can take advantage of the HTC Developer program to unlock the boot loader of your device, as well as to flash files on your device.

How to root Huawei / Honor devices

To unlock the bootloader of a Huawei or Honor device, you simply need to complete a form and request a bootloader unlock code. Unfortunately, Huawei decided to stop providing these codes for Huawei and Honor devices months ago, which makes it a much more difficult root. Unfortunately, you will have to resort to finding an alternative solution with a root tool.

How to root LG devices

LG’s smart phones are a bit tricky: some have easily unlockable boot chargers, while others require a bit of a trick to break. There is a good chance that you are voiding your warranty by rooting an LG device, and the level of difficulty often depends on the operator in question, rather than what device you are using. In the past, LG has even provided official instructions to unlock the LG G4 bootloader, but with the warning that it would void its warranty.

With LG smartphones, you can manually root using a personalized recovery after unlocking the boot loader, or use single-click rooting applications, whichever method you feel most comfortable with given your level of skill and tolerance to security risks.

How to root Motorola devices

Motorola has an official support page to guide you through the process of unlocking the bootloader. Once this is done, you can root manually in the normal way. But, if your device can not be officially unlocked (thank you, Verizon!), You will have to try to use those one-click tools that exploit the vulnerabilities.

How to root Sony devices

Depending on the type of Sony phone you have, one with a bootloader that can not be unlocked, the root process will be slightly different for you. If your boot loader can be unlocked officially (see the list here), it is much easier to get a personalized recovery on your Xperia and then make additional modifications by flashing zip files and images.

Have you rooted your Android device? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments.

15 Free Software-apps to Root any Android with/without PC

The article brings you  15 best free software applications to root any Android device with or without PC. They are the best rooting tools of Android for Android Devices(Smartphones and Tablets).

It is necessary to understand what it means of root an Android device. And what it does to your device before trying to use any of these root tools for Android. Also keep in mind that most manufacturers will void your phone’s warranty if your device proceed the Android Rooting as business strategy and prevent from unsafest activities and mistakes proceeding by consumers.However,you understand that android rooting make so many valuable advantages for the android users.

Actually,There is no risk at all when testing Android Rooting software,as Android Rooting will not damage or make other issues on your Android Devices so you can test with any of android rooting tool to make a rooted android device.

If you will gain any issues when you can inform it using comment section or using our  Facebook pages Best Root Apps or Dr.Tech easily while we solve your any of problem created around your device.

Preparing to Root your Android Phone or Device

Don’t worry,you need to fulfill below simple steps  before begin Android Rooting process.

  1. Charge your phone battery to at least 50%
  2. Install proper ADB (Android Debug Bridge) drivers for your phone / devices (links for android ADB drivers download)
  3. Enable USB Debugging on your phone/device by going to ==>Settings ==> Applications ==> Development ==> USB debugging (for older operating system (OS)) or ==> Settings ==>Developer options ==> “USB debugging”(for newer OS), also check the “stay awake” option.
  4. Enable unknown sources (if you want to root without a pc).
  5. Download the root checker app from Google play store: It help to know root status easily.

15 Best Software-apps to Root Android Phone/Devices

Before preparing your Smart device for rooting, you must decide to use the method of rooting or install an Android rooting application on your device.

Then,follow instructions given with selected android rooting tool.If you are not cleared the given instructions when you can study related tutorial furthermore.

Here is the complete list of the 15 best root tools that allow you to root Android devices for free. These rooting tools are grouped according to their simplicity, success rate and support for many devices.

15. VRoot Computer Rooting Software(Now iRoot)

This is the best software to root any Android phone, an application for the wide range of coverage and deep support for older operating systems, which we advise you to try first before others on this list.

VRoot PC software is a superior tool for rooting / unrooting phones or Android devices. You can root almost all Android devices running on 2.2 (Froyo), 2.3 (Gingerbread), 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), 4.2 (Jelly Bean), 4.4.2 and newer operating systems (OS).

The vRoot software was recently renamed iRoot, the latest version of the application can be downloaded from here, while the previous version was used for this rooting guide.

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14. Kingoapp Root Software [Roots with/Without Computer]

The Kingoapp root software solution is as effective as Vroot, although it has registered more successes with the previous one, still the value as high as any other Android software with root click.

The version of Kingoroot for PC with Android is a great player among the best computer programs to root and unroot any Android phone. It works perfectly with all the major brands of Android phones, tablets and other devices.

The Kingo root application works best for computers that are connected to the internet. It is required that your computer remain connected to the Internet before starting the Kingo Root software.

Click on the root button to root the connected device once the kingo root software has detected it.

How to Root any Android Phone with KingoRoot Tool

  • Download the latest version of Kingoapp using this link here.
  • Ensure that your phone or computer is connected to the internet.
  • Install the Kingoapp or rooting software (depending on if you are rooting with or without the PC).
  • Launch from the home screen icon and click on the root button command to get root access.
  • Use the root checker app (linked above) to confirm that your phone is now rooted fully.

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13. SRS Root Software

The SRSRoot software solution was my favorite to root Android devices before IRoot came on the scene. Although I have not used it for a long time, I can still recommend it so it is best and awesome android rooting tool.

You can root many Android phones and devices with it. How to apply the root of a click, you just need to download it, install it, start it and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the rooting with the SRS rooting method.

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12. Framaroot (apk) App (Roots without PC)

Framaroot  is the best application which can proceed root and unroot Android device without a computer. It support even for the latest Android operating system (OS) too.

A wide range of successes has been recorded with this miraculous little application; Even the newest devices like Samsung Galaxy, Tecno R7, Nokia XL for Android, Huawei Ascend and many others have been rooted with the apk application Framaroot.

Read More-Complete Guide For FramaRoot|Download

To Android root Android phones with Framaroot as your favorite Android unlock method, follow the video guide above or complete these steps to get root access on your Android phone / device.

  • Download the latest version of framaroot Apk.
  • Send it to your phone or device (if downloaded with a PC) and make sure that the apk is in your phone’s memory.
  • Install the framaroot app (after enabling unknown sources for your device).
  • Launch the app from your home screen icon and select the install superuser option present in app’s screen.
  • Select an Exploit (List of exploit methods for device and processor types would be listed at the end of this guide to serve as a pointer in helping you select the best exploit for your phone) and complete the actions.
  • Wait for the Success, SU binary and superuser installed message that confirms that your phone is now rooted.
  • Restart the device and launch the rooter checker to re-confirm your phone is rooted completely.

11. KingRoot [Roots With or Without a PC]

KingRoot is a potent rooting tool just as iRoot and KingoRoot apps. The software is light-weighted and worked flawlessly on some selected models of MTK devices we used for testing out their performance and reliability.

Their latest version supports a wide range of devices (as opined by some of our other editors) including Samsung, HTC, Motoroloa and Sony Xperia droid devices. We hope to keep testing this app for a possible stand-alone review as soon as we can.

Video Tutorial for Rooting Android With & Without Computer

To root with KingRoot software or app, all you’d need do is ==>

Download the English version of the root software from here or search Google for KingRoot Apk to download the root without PC version.

==> hit the corresponding download button from the download options and ==> complete the rooting process from the GUI of the app. Install the root checker app to confirm that your device is now completely rooted.

New Update!, the latest version of KingRoot tool  supports for almost all popular Android devices running on the 5.1 Lollipop operating System (OS) and up. It is now a top one click root for PC software.

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